Automated end-of-line testing

Automated end-of-line testing

We customize lithium batteries – from sketches to the finished packaged pallets. We strive to create the best solution for you.

That being the case, all products pass through a software controlled end-of-line testing, ensuring they comply with requirements.

What is end-of-line testing?

Simply put, end-of-line testing refers to testing a manufactured unit at the end of the assembly line.

We do this to separate any defective products or products which does not match the specifications. End-of-line testing assesses not only the quality, but also the stability, safety and capacity.

The benefits of end-of-line quality inspection

End-of-line testing is a crucial step in production as it ensures the quality of a product. This means that it makes sure that functions and calibration are correct before the product leaves the factory.

Updated in real time
All production and quality data are stored and updated in real time providing a trustworthy and professional solution for our customers.

Our automated end-of-line testing is a quality system that tests the following:

Sensor accuracy

Voltage, current and temperature.

Safety system functionality

MOSFET switching.

Available capacity

Full cycle test.

BMS parameters and firmware

Battery Management System.

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