Customized lithium battery solutions

providing the best solution for your products

What We Do

Not ‘just’ a battery
We try to provide more than just a battery, by focusing on making solution that create/add value for users. We do this through innovation and close collaboration throughout the valuechain.

From idea to mass production
From the first sketches to the finished packaged pallets – we make sure that everything runs smoothly.

100 units or 100.000 units
Small batches and large mass production volumes are equally welcome. We strive to deliver cost effective quality in either case.

4 week rapid prototyping
Our agile development approach enables us to deliver prototypes within a very short time-line.

We facilitate third-party testing and certification within a large scope of standards. Our in-depth knowledge of this area enables us to guide you through the regulatory maze.


Here are some examples of the areas we cover when developing new products.
These are just some of the tools in our “toolbox”.

Mechanical Design

• Enclosure
– Injection molding, laser welding, deep-drawing, etc.

• IP67 / water-proof design
• Portability
• Connectivity

Electrical Specifications

• Voltage
• Amperage
– Charging and discharging
• Capacity
• Longevity / Cycle-life


• CANBus
• Serial communication (RS232, RS485, UART)
• Wireless communication (GSM, BT, BTLE, WiFi)
• DC-Bus (CAN over DC)

Testing & Certifying

UN38.3, CE, RoHS
IEC & UL standards

CB Scheme


Custom graphics

Custom UN-packaging

UV laser printing

From idea to mass production

The process of making a new battery design always starts with a drawing and specification. We work professionally with 3D CAD systems so as to always have a common reference and understanding of the project at hand.


3D CAD drawing and a preliminary specification

Finalization & Validation
Production planning
We provide industrial grade for all types of applications

From heavy duty construction equipment to small last-mile delivery robots – we can help meet your lithium battery needs, and we’d appreciate the challenge.

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