we make industrial grade Lithium battery packs

Our lithium battery packs provide customers with a wide variety of productivity gains and cost savings.

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lithium batteries are the future and here’s why

Here are some of the reasons why lithium battery packs have found their way into almost every type of equipment so far

High specific energy

<40% weight compared to lead-acid

Maintenance free

Requires no maintenance

Fast charging

Standard <3 hours

Longer run times

Use your equipment for longer periods of time

Opportunity charging

Charging during the coffee break is fine

High charging efficiency

More than 95% efficient charging


Similar or lower TCO than lead-acid is attainable

High energy density

<50% volume compared to lead-acid

No hydrogen gas

Lithium batteries don’t create gas while charging

Pollution free

No cadmium, lead or mercury

Customizable design

No size or shape constraints

Low capacity loss at high discharge rates

(High Peukert-coefficient)

Low self-discharge

Long time storage is fine

High DOD tolerance

Charge and discharge as you like

Our Battery packs are innovative & competitive

Our products always have a competitive edge – either through features or through a low cost (mostly both). Nevertheless, we never charge our customers for R&D, because this is what we as a company grow through.

Please read more in the next section, about how we handle new projects.

from a request/idea to mass production

How we work with new and existing customers

  1. Application – What is battery for and what are the requirements in regard to current draw?
  2. Environment – What are the size constraints, ingress protection requirements etc. ?
  3. Design – We deliver a 3D CAD drawing and a preliminary specification, which defines chemistry, capacity, etc. This design draft is our starting point from which a production ready battery pack is made from.
  4. Review – Together with the customer we change the design until they are satisfied. In this step we review items such as the casing, BMS, connectors, handles and overall fit with the Application.
  5. Finalization & Validation – Here we ensure that the battery pack is as it should be, and carry out sample testing in the lab and in the field. After the customer validates the sample, we finalize the project in regard to packaging and labels.
  6. Certification – We make sure that the battery pack is CE and RoHS certified/marked, and that a UN38.3 test is performed, so that transportation can be carried out safely and in accordance with regulations.
  7. Production Planning – Mass production is initiated in accordance with a delivery schedule.

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