Not 'just' a battery manufacturer

Being a lithium battery manufacturer with a production base in China, and sales, development, warehousing and product support in Denmark, we strive to provide more than just a battery by focusing on making solutions that create value for users. We do this through innovation and close collaboration throughout the value chain.

The benefit of working with an experienced battery manufacturer is that we make sure that everything runs smoothly from the first sketches to the finished packaged pallets. Our agile development approach enables us to deliver prototypes within a very short time-line.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right partner is always crucial for the results of the project. We are not just an experienced lithium battery manufacturer: our goal is to provide the most competitive solution as well as becoming the preferred partner for industrial OEM’s in Europe.

We take your project seriously and always build to match your unique requirements.

Custom battery packs

We design lithium battery packs according to your specifications.

Competitive solutions

We strive to provide the most competitive solution for you, acknowledging that our customers’ growth in business translates to growth in our business. 

Automated end-of-line testing

All our products pass through a software controlled end-of-line quality inspection.

Experienced battery manufacturer

We are an experienced lithium battery manufacturer with a customer base including material handling, cleaning, robotics & automation, transport etc.

From idea to mass production

The process of making a new battery design always starts with a drawing and specification. We work professionally with 3D CAD systems so as to always have a common reference and understanding of the project at hand.


3D CAD drawing and a preliminary specification

Finalization & Validation
Production planning
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