UN38.3 Certification for Lithium Batteries

What is the UN38.3 certification?

Lithium batteries have been categorized as “dangerous goods” by the United Nations, which means that the transport of lithium batteries is regulated by national and international agreements. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the product is safely transported.

UN38.3 is the United Nations standard that lithium batteries must meet to receive certification for safe transport. The UN38.8 certification is therefore required.

UN38.3 Certification for Lithium Batteries.
At WS Technicals we can help you with UN38.3 certification and testing.

To receive the UN38.3 certification, lithium batteries must be tested strictly to ensure they do not rupture, leak, disassemble or catch fire. These tests must be performed by an approved and independent testing laboratory. This means that before a lithium battery is transported, it must pass a series of tests regarding temperatures, vibrations, impact, overcharges and discharges. All this testing is to ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation.

At WS Technicals we can help you with your 38.3 certification.

We can help you with UN38.3 testing and certification

At WS Technicals we facilitate third-party testing and certification within a large scope of standards. This includes the UN38.3 certification.

Our in-depth knowledge of this area enables us to guide you through the regulatory maze.