Why lithium batteries are the future

Here are some of the reasons why lithium battery packs have found their way into almost every type of equipment so far.

High specific energy

<40% weight compared
to lead-acid

Maintenance free

Requires no maintenance

Fast charging

Standard <3 hours

Longer run times

Use your equipment for longer periods of time

Opportunity charging

Charging during the coffee break is fine

High charging efficiency

More than 95% efficient charging


Similar or lower TCO than lead-acid is attainable

High energy density

<50% volume compared
to lead-acid

No hydrogen gas

Lithium batteries don’t create gas while charging

Pollution free

No cadmium,
lead or mercury

Customizable design

No size or shape

Low capacity loss at high discharge rates

(High Peukert-coefficient)

Low self-discharge

Long time storage is fine

High DOD tolerance

Charge and discharge
as you like

The way we produce flawless batteries
We provide industrial grade for all types of applications

From heavy duty construction equipment to small last-mile delivery robots – we can help meet your lithium battery needs, and we’d appreciate the challenge.

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