Company Profile

With a state of the art production base in China and sales, development, warehousing and product support in Denmark, we design turn-key lithium battery packs according to your specifications.

Our goal is to provide the most competitive solution, acknowledging that our customers’ growth in business translates to growth in our business. 

We seek to become the preferred partner for industrial OEM’s in Europe.

1 %
Countries sold to
1 %
More volume compared to lead-acid

Automated end-of-line testing

All products pass through a software controlled end-of-line quality inspection.

This ensures that all specifications are met and logs the state of each battery for future reference.

Working in a variety of industries

Our customer base includes: Material handling, cleaning, robotics & automation, transport, heavy machinery manufacturers and many others. 

We work with manufacturing companies, and continuously expand our footprint within the battery industry.