We create lithium batteries

WS Technicals is specialized in lithium battery solutions.

We design, certify and mass produce batteries for applications in all sectors.

Customized lithium battery solutions

Lithium batteries are used for many purposes such as AGVs/AMRs, drones, forklifts, cleaning machines or ground support equipment (GSE). Our customer base includes these and many more. 

From heavy duty construction equipment to small last-mile delivery robots – we can help meet your industrial lithium battery needs.

Highly specialized

High Voltage

Fast charge

Low voltage

EOL testing

The in-house developed AQUA testing suite verifies every single battery before shipping. All testing data is recorded into our central management system.

Shipment management

Our custom made FLOW system ensures tight control of your batteries from production to the end of its life.

Supply chain management

We combine solid manufacturing partnerships with our own supply chain for a robust and scalable production.

The way we work

Turn-Key solutions

At WS Technicals we undertake the entire task from conceptualization to testing, certification and mass production.

We deliver turn-key lithium battery solutions.

State of the art

Whether it be laser-welding, ultra-sonic welding, wire-bonding or something completely different – we have most likely done it before.

Providing competitive solution

We pride ourselves on being competitive, fast and innovative.

To achieve this we have adopted an agile development approach inspired by software development companies.

Automated end-of-line testing

Our automated end-of-line testing makes sure all battery packs are correctly configured, all sensors are accurate, and tolerances within agreed acceptance criteria.

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