With a state of the art production base in China, we manufacture turn-key lithium battery packs according to your specifications.

We seek to become the preferred partner for industrial OEM’s in Europe.


Shandong, China


Guangdong, China


Shipment management

To handle the large amount of production orders and continuously be able to keep track of progress, our own system called FLOW, is constantly providing information from the production line to our order handling staff. FLOW taps into the End-Of-Line testing and also keeps track of statistical quality and production data – linking all battery packs with their respective data.


EOL testing

End-Of-Line testing is essential for battery manufacturing. Our AQUA system performs diagnostic tests, calibrates sensors, and flashes firmware. All battery packs are cycle tested. See video for more information.

What is end-of-line testing?

Simply put, end-of-line testing refers to testing a manufactured unit at the end of the assembly line.

We do this to separate any defective products or products which does not match the specifications. End-of-line testing assesses not only the quality, but also the stability, safety and capacity.

Updated in real time

All production and quality data are stored and updated in real time providing a trustworthy and professional solution for our customers.

Supply chain management

Maintaining a stable supply chain is critical for manufacturing companies, which is why our approach is to establish long-term partnerships with suppliers and business partners. Auditing and validation work is a part of our daily routine, and we never miss an opportunity to create new partnerships if possible. Please feel free to contact us on our Supplier Enquiry form.

We work directly with top-tier suppliers within the lithium-ion cell manufacturing sector, which means that we can guarantee quality, homogeneity, and stability in supply.

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